See Our Experienced Optometrists To Protect Your Eye Health


At Suburban Eye Care, an experienced and dedicated optometrist will help determine the best options for your complete eye health. Whether you are looking for a standard eye examination, a fitting for contact lenses, or treatment for a sight-threatening condition, you will receive the best available ocular (relating to the eye) care with the use of the latest technologies and procedures available.

Seeing clearly and protecting your vision involves an annual eye examination and visual acuity tests. Preventative treatment for potential eye problems and early detection of general health problems are also offered as part of routine eye care at Suburban Eye Care.

We Offer Vision Aids That Are Perfect For You

Whether you are looking for eyeglasses, sunglasses or contacts lenses, Suburban Eye Care offers the latest materials, technologies, and styles, along with individual care and prescription accuracy designed to satisfy all your eyewear needs.

Best of all, if you need vision correction eyewear, you will be advised and guided in your selection based on your vision problems, your lifestyle, and personal preferences:

  • For eyeglasses – renowned designer frames or industrial frames; the latest lens materials in single, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive styles, or for night driving, sun glare reduction, or computer work.
  • For low vision problems – magnifying glasses, telescopic spectacles, high-power reading glasses, and handheld or stand magnifiers.
  • For contact lenses wearers – sophisticated soft and hard lenses designed to be worn daily, or extended-wear or disposable.

We Provide The Most Advanced Tests And Therapies

We use the most advanced technologies and tests to administer a contact lens fitting, a retinal exam using an OptosTM image, and other tests for the detection of dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more. We advise you on therapies for the management of eye problems and vision vitamins to help prevent them.

Your child may require eyeglasses or contact lenses or an eye patch to correct a vision problem at an early age before it results in learning and behavioral difficulties in school or in life. We will find the problem and help you manage it.

Let us help protect and enhance your eye health and that of your family as well.
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