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Success Stories

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Here are some examples of how our vision therapy program has changed the lives of our wonderful patients!

“At our son, Zachary’s last annual eye examination, Dr. Jacobi asked how school was going? Zachary commented that it was hard especially reading. We had already begun some academic testing at the school because of Zachary’s difficulties. Dr. Jacobi suggested some further vision testing. The results were surprising. In some areas Zachary performed quite well but in others he was in the 5th and 9th percentile of children his age. We discovered that Zach’s eyes were not working together and that he had some processing problems.

The vision therapy that Dr. Jacobi recommended retraining Zachary’s eyes to work together. We noticed how improved Zachary’s attention span became. The second part of his therapy worked on the processing of what he sees. We have noticed improvement in this area as well. Zachary is having a much better school year this year. His confidence has also improved. Zach still has a ways to go but the vision therapy he received has definitely gotten him on the right track.

We would like to say thank you to Dr. Jacobi for identifying the problem and determining a solution. We would also like to thank the therapist for working with Zachary on a weekly basis. Their patience and kindness made the experience a very positive one.”

“Andrew had headaches, blurred vision, would become anxious about doing well in school and would have a lot of trouble reading in and out of school. Andrew knows how to deal with his vision problems and is learning how to use his new visual skills so he can read better without getting anxious. We took precious time out of our schedule to make this program work and with the improvement came fewer headaches.”

“Michael’s reading and writing skills were well below average. He came home from school every day frustrated, angry and with a headache. Reading is now easier and comprehensible to Michael. Previous to Vision Therapy, he could only read 5 to 7 minutes. Now, however, he can ENJOY reading for up to an hour. I wish I would of known about Vision Therapy when he was younger.”

“We feel Spencer has made major gains. We hear of ADD and immediately talk of what we found. Vision Therapy is well worth it. Spencer is OFF Ritalin. I can’t thank you enough!! He does not seem to put such a concentrated effort in his writing, it flows much easier. This gives him the ability to concentrate on what is going on around him. He is receiving A’s and B’s on spelling tests, which never happened before. He also seems to be comfortable with himself, able to accept and not become frustrated as before.”

Before Vision Therapy, school was hard for me. I used to have trouble with my homework and cried every night. I even had to do most of my homework over again. It was terrible. Then when we heard of vision therapy, we tried it. With Vision therapy, I can now memorize my spelling words and get 100% on my tests! I am also reading a lot of books and I understand what I am reading. My work seems so much easier now. I come home from school and do my homework by myself. I have improved a lot.”

“Terrell was reading at a first grade level in the fourth grade. He had a lot of letter reversals and was very frustrated with school. Terrell avoided and hid his schoolwork and was embarrassed by younger siblings who were beginning to pass him. Now he has a better short-term memory and is consistently reading from left to right. Terrell is now enjoying school and is more willing and confident to help his brothers and sisters with their homework.”

“Casey complained of headaches. She had a headache each school day that increased in intensity throughout the school day. She wore glasses with a mild Rx that didn’t help her with the fuzziness in her field of vision. Casey loves to read but had to struggle to enjoy it, as the words on the page would move around for her. Casey also had a hard time memorizing written work as the images swam around. She has been tested for glasses since the 3rd grade. In the 6th grade she went through some testing to see if ADD was a possible problem for her. Her school did additional diagnostic testing for her in the 7th grade to see what else we could discover but once again, nothing came up. Upon completing Vision Therapy, Casey says her headaches have almost disappeared. She no longer sees fuzzy images on the blackboard or on the overhead. Words no longer swim around on the pages of her books. Until recently her handwriting was very messy and never went in a straight line. Now it is very neat and even. Casey seems to be more confident and more coordinated; I don’t see her tripping and falling like I use to. Many of Casey’s skills and abilities have improved, but she has to work on using them efficiently. Casey seems less frustrated and has a little more patient with the tasks she does not like doing.”

“My son did not feel confident with reading; he did not have the greatest coordination and had overall a very hard time with reading and schoolwork. Now I think he feels more confident with himself and his work. His reading has improved and so has his coordination. I am so thankful that his convergence insufficiency was caught and diagnosed so that we could get the help he so needed. I did not think twice about starting him in the vision therapy and I’m so happy I did!”

“Before vision therapy began, my son would become fatigued quickly while trying to complete any academic task (especially reading)! During Therapy, his handwriting, time spend on homework, and playing sports improved. I am grateful because he now has strategies that he can utilize to continue his improvement and growth.”

“The benefits of this VT have been incredible! Our son had a very difficult time reading and would fight me every time he had to sit down to read (which was daily). Now he loves to read and often times I do not have to remind him to do so. His confidence has increased, his attention span has increased and his overall behavior has calmed down. Thank you!!!”

“My son had all the pieces to be a good reader but he could not put the puzzle together. His eyes were always tired. He learned ways to avoid what made him uncomfortable; reading and writing. He started needing lots of trips to the bathroom and drinking fountain-anything to get out of the work. A friend suggested an eye exam and she mentioned that a friend’s son was going to Suburban Eyecare. We met with Dr. Jacobi and he evaluated Max. After getting his diagnosis, Dr. Jacobi explained exactly what was going on with my son. We decided on a plan that would benefit him. Our son’s therapist made each week fun but challenging. When he was tired of it she would motivate him and get him back on track. My son is now reading at grade level and still improving every day. His writing has improved as well as his focus and stamina. I highly recommend this Vision Therapy.”

“Lucas has struggled with reading his whole life. It wasn’t until the beginning of second grade that we learned Lucas struggled to see and focus on the words. Once we started training, he became aware that his eyes struggled to concentrate and track the words. Through the exercises and therapy, Lucas can now read and focus for long periods of time. My only regret is not knowing sooner. I would highly recommend the therapy.“I could not find anyone in China to help my son. I could only find one professor who told me Yuelin had vision problems but they could not work with him one-on-one like this place does. They did not have therapists like you. School is so hard for kids with these problems; it is impossible! This program helped my son so much with his reading and schoolwork. Now he can read more than just picture books, and even his art and sports have improved. This will change his life and it only took 6 months. The doctor and therapist were so helpful and great here. Thank you so much! I will be telling all of my friends about this program.”