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Vision Therapy for the patient with TBI

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Vision Therapy for the patient with TBI

So you know that Vision Therapy can be life changing for children and adults with vision related learning difficulties…but did you know that it can also be life changing for a person with a traumatic brain injury? This includes someone who had a concussion, stroke, car accident, fall, etc…and Vision Therapy can make a dramatic difference!

Our Chief Vision Therapist, Amanda, spent the weekend at a workshop learning more about how we can best serve our patients with TBI. It is best to seek treatment sooner than later, but even if your injury was years ago and you are still experiencing symptoms, Vision Therapy may change your life!

A person who has experienced a TBI may have many unfortunate vision-related symptoms including headaches, dizziness, double/blurred vision, poor balance and coordination, bumping into things, and often just a feeling that something “isn’t right.” Sometimes Vision Therapy alone is enough to help someone feel “normal” again. Other times, we will work with occupational therapists and physical therapists to form a cohesive team to help the person experience the most rehabilitation possible for them. No matter what your age, studies have shown that it is possible to create new neurological pathways and “retrain the brain.”

The human body is an amazing thing and it’s fascinating how all of our body systems are connected. Vision Therapy can have a profound impact on a person in ways that can be surprising and wonderful.

Contributed by Amanda Timbre, COVT