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So you had LASIK and now are having complications..

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So you had LASIK and now are having complications..

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LASIK is generally a safe and effective procedure to improve vision with a goal of glasses-free living afterward.  With any surgical procedure though, there are risks involved and not everyone experiences clear comfortable vision afterward. The most common complications after LASIK that I see in my office are:

  • Dryness – causing eye discomfort, blurred vision, and even severe pain – this symptom is typically worst right after the procedure and improves over time
  • Residual uncorrected prescription - glasses still required to see clearly, especially night time
  • Corneal irregularity (irregular astigmatism) causing blur and halos even while wearing glasses – typically occurs several years after the procedure
  • Keratoconus

Fortunately, there are treatment options for all of these issues including tailored dry eye regimens prescribed by your Optometrist or special Scleral Contact Lenses to improve vision and decrease glare.

“Botched” LASIK

On the very rare event that LASIK is “botched”, meaning something went wrong during the procedure, typically the vision will be blurry after and even glasses will not completely improve the sharpness.  In these cases, special contact lenses such as Hybrid Contact Lenses or Scleral Contact Lenses work very well to improve vision and typically provide the best vision possible.

Written by Dr. Arnold