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An Optical Correction for Colour Blindness

It is estimated tha 5% of the world population (1 out of 10 men, and one out of 200 women) have some form of colour vision deficiency (commonly known as Colour Blincness) that can be addressed by the ChromaGenTM system. Defective Colour Vision can range from a near-normal ability to distinguish colours to the most severe cases where deeper colours as well as pale colours are confused particularly when lighting is poor. ChromaGen filters alter the wavelength of light going into one or both eyes in dynamically balanced format, which enhances colour perception and discrimination.

There are two groups of people who can benefit from ChromaGen. The first group would be those who have never seen certain colours or shades. The ChromaGen system will allow a person who is diagnosed as colour deficient to fully experience a dramatic sunset for the first time or to see the complete range of colours on a beautiful fall day. With the plethora of electronic media we consume today, people who play video games or watch HD Movies will have an enhanced experience with addition of colour enhancement. Those who have difficulty reading maps are now able to distinguish components that previously looked the same. An example of this type of patient is Ross:

The second is for those people who cannot perform their job because they cannot distinguish between the colours of wires or lines and therefore cannot be approved for their work. Examples would be electricans or telephone personnel.

A Life-Changing Aid for Visual Reading Disorders associated with Dyslexia

ChromagenTM is a unique and proprietary system of coloured filters that have the appearance of neutral gray when worn. The filters are worn as eyeglasses and can incorporate your prescription. The filters help re-synchronize and selectively changes the wavelength of light going into both eyes in a dynamically balanced format. The use of different filters effectively changes the speed of the information in the brain's neurological pathways, allowing synchronization to take place.

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