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Inspiring Stories of Vision Therapy

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Inspiring Stories of Vision Therapy

Willem Thisse’s Vision Therapy Story

We are proud to present a remarkable story of Willem Thisse, a successful Vision Therapy patient at Suburban Eye Care.

“Dear Miss Amanda. I thank you so much for helping me through vision therapy and the tips you gave me. I also thank you for encouraging me throughout vt, it helped me so much. Your job is so important to me and to other people. What you do has changed my life. With much appreciation, Willem.”thisse, willem

Here is what his mom wrote: “ I’m not sure I could express fully my gratefulness for you. You have spurned us when we were tired, believed in us when our faith was small and made the biggest difference ever in our lives. I will homeschool all my kids in a different way because of all the things you taught us. You’ve left an indelible mark on our lives and I will forever be grateful for you and the work you do. With the deepest respect, Holly Thisse.

His mother was extremely emotional and we are both so proud of how far Willem has come!

When Willem started VT his NPC was 6cm, he hated reading and was years behind. Now he admits he enjoys reading, is always telling us about the book he is on, NPC is to the nose, and he is just about up to grade level for reading. His self-esteem is so much better, he believes he can do things and that he is a reader. He doesn’t give up and doesn’t have the frustration he used to have. He was very happy and proud yesterday : )