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Vision Therapy at Suburban Eye Care

Suburban eyecare vision therapyWe work with children, and some adults, who have vision problems that interfere with their ability to read, to learn, to comprehend, and even to pay attention. Our holistic approach helps the individual, family and the community at large.

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An untreated vision issue can be devastating. Only a Developmental Optometrist is qualified to diagnose and treat a learning related vision issue.

Who We Can Help: Vision Therapy is a proven clinical strategy for:

  • Students who are not progressing as expected due to vision problems.
  • Gifted students who are not achieving their potential due to vision problems.
  • Those with crossed eyes, amblyopia or wandering eyes.
  • Improved sports performance.
  • Individuals diagnosed, and frequently misdiagnosed, with dyslexia and ADD/ADHD.
  • Individuals whose vision issues have been caused by head injuries and stroke.
  • Anyone wanting to improve coordination and enhance success.

Success Stories

Learn how we’ve helped these happy patients


“We have seen a noticeable difference in a positive direction. His ability to track while reading seems to be the area we have noticed the biggest difference.” ~ Teacher Consultant

Brendan A. 13
9 month Vision Therapy Program


“My child hated to read because it was difficult to focus. Vision Therapy has helped him and now he actually likes to read. For the first time he will actually read on his own!” ~Joshua’s mom

Joshua H.
6 month Vision Therapy Program


“We find Landen to be communicating more, increased social interactions, listening better, and overall becoming more engaged. Before light bed therapy Landen had a hard time keeping his attention on task.” ~Landen’s dad.

Landen A.
Light, Auditory and Vestibular Therapy (Light Bed Therapy), daily for 12 consecutive days