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Contact Lenses in Livonia, Michigan

These include disposable soft contact, bifocal/multifocal, toric, and colored lenses. Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, or conventional (vial) lenses, check out our selection of lenses at Suburban Eye Care.

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Establishing a Good Contact Lens Fit

It starts with a thorough eye exam to ensure the most up-to-date prescription and rule out any pre-existing conditions that could interfere with contact lens wear.

Fitting lenses to your lifestyle

We will determine the best fitting lens based on your lifestyle needs and the shape and health of your eye. In most cases, you’ll have the opportunity to try lenses on the same day as your exam. You can even go home with a few samples before making a final decision.

Follow up fittings

We follow up the initial fitting and then make any necessary changes in fit or materials to get you the best possible fit. We teach all our patients proper contact lens care, continuing with long-term follow-up to monitor the condition of the lenses and to ensure that proper hygiene is being maintained.

From single vision to multifocal, from astigmatism to dry eyes to keratoconus, we have the best fit, comfort and clarity available for you!


Benefit from our team with over 30 years of experience! uses the most advanced technology and recent research to create the best vision and comfort for you! Enjoy these great benefits of being a contact lens wearer at Suburban Eye Care:

Best technology, vision and comfort available – specialty and custom contacts, no problem! Training from our

  • Team so that you can handle your contacts like a pro
  • Doctor checks to ensure an ongoing, best fit and comfort to meet your changing needs
  • Contact lens Spa Services
  • Replacement of torn or lost contacts
  • $50 savings on sunglasses
  • Savings opportunities on your contact lens supply
  • Trial lenses and solutions at no-cost

Spa Service for Your Eyewear

Stop in to give your contact lenses the full treatment:

  • Hand or machine polishing
  • Remove deposits, build up & scratches
  • Deep clean and disinfect
  • Restore comfort

Enjoy our “spa” service today!

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From distance vision to multifocal, from astigmatism to dry eyes to keratoconus, we have the best comfort and clarity available for you!

Contact Lens Types How It Works... Ideal For...
Soft & Rigid
Traditional soft or RGP
for distance vision
The sports enthusiast or adult
general use
Distance vision with
reading power included
Over 40, nearsighted kids,
eyestrain/near focusing difficulty
Specialty &
Custom Lenses
Scleral Lenses Bridges over cornea Dry eyes, keratoconus – a
medical condition
Corneal Refractive
Overnight wear Nearsighted kids and young adults
Hybrid: Soft/RGP RGP/Soft contact lens combo Astigmatism, poor comfort with RGPs, poor vision with soft
Our Recommended Brands:
  • Contact Lens Brand- Acuvue
  • Contact Lens Brand- Bausch & Lomb
  • Contact Lens Brand- CooperVision
  • Alcon

Our Contact Lens Services: