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The 3rd Person in the Exam Room

Low vision patients can greatly benefit from having a support person in the exam room with them, as he or she can provide emotional support and guidance during and after visits to the eye doctor.

Reading Tips For Those With Macular Degeneration

People with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) gradually experience vision loss that makes reading a challenging task. Fortunately, various strategies and vision aids can help those with AMD see more clearly and read more comfortably.

Why All Low Vision Patients Are Upset

Low vision patients have a good reason to be upset. Dr. Richard Shuldiner, the founder of the International Academy of Low Vision Optometrists, explains why in an article he published in the Optometric Management Magazine.

How One Lady Regained Independence Despite Vision Loss After a Stroke

Vision Loss After a Stroke Imagine being a mother of two teenage daughters living on a farm. Think of how self-reliant you need to be, attending the house, the horses and the farmland. Whenever you leave the farm you need a car, whether for shopping or taking your daughters to...

Is It Possible to Read and Write With Macular Degeneration?

Different types of low vision glasses and devices enable macular degeneration patients to cope with vision loss. Telescopic lenses enable you to recognize faces, whereas microscopic lenses or prismatic reading glasses help you read or write.

I Have Best Disease. Will I Be Able to Drive?

Many people who live with Best disease —a form of juvenile macular degeneration — can still drive and keep their driver's license. Low vision aids, such as bioptic telescope glasses provided by a low vision optometrist, are one possible solution.

Don’t Let Ocular Albinism Stop You

His world was shattered when his twin brother told him he decided to get married and would leave the house. The two had been living together all their lives and he could not imagine being left on his own. Both had the same eye condition, Ocular Albinism, which left them...

Patients With Low Vision Are Not Lost

“There’s nothing more that can be done” does not exist in Dr. John Jacobi’s vocabulary. Serving the Livonia and Detroit, Michigan communities, Dr. Jacobi has changed lives for many patients with low vision. Retinal specialists often refer their patients - creating beneficial partnerships and targeted services for patients in need....

Where Can I Find a Low Vision Doctor?

Where Can I Find A Low Vision Doctor? Reading your favorite books is difficult. You squint a lot while watching TV. When friends or family come to visit, you find it hard to clearly see their faces. Driving is hard because the street signs, exit ramps, and other cars seem...

Our Low Vision Exam in 5 Steps

I’m John Jacobi. I practice as an optometrist in Livonia, Michigan treating patients from all around the state. Patients are willing to drive hours because we offer complete low vision services. At my practice, we want to know how the low vision patient envisions a better life being partially sighted....

Treating patients with low vision, vision theraphy, and scleral lenses in Detroit

What We Do The cases we typically treat in our clinic are very specialized. We receive referrals from medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and even clergymen. The individuals that visit our practice are uniquely identified by visual problems that nobody else has been able to solve.  Our clinic,...

When to Contact a Low Vision Doctor

When To Contact A Low Vision Doctor: When You Can’t See To Do What You Want To Do When you break your leg, you feel the pain of the fracture and visit a doctor to repair the broken limb. When you hurt your back, you go to a chiropractor to...

Why AMD Patients Need 2 Doctors

Central vision is an important element of your overall vision, allowing you to see images and objects as you look straight ahead. This function affects your ability to read books, drive a car, watch TV, or recognize faces of the people you love. For patients with Macular Degeneration, these everyday...

Top 8 Lighting Tips for People With Low Vision

You’ve got Low Vision and you need some ways of minimizing the effects on your daily activities. One of the best ways to do this is with lighting. Changing the lighting in your home or office can make a significant, positive impact on your functional vision. Check out Dr. John...

Trouble Seeing Your Grandkids’ Faces?

Low Vision Devices Can Help Are you frustrated that your poor vision is it getting in the way of life? Is it hard to do simple things, such as seeing your adorable grandchildren's faces You’re not alone. Many people develop vision problems later in life, which can be difficult and...