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Come Fly With Us… You’ll Be Glad You Did!
Trunk Show 2017

Suburban Eye Care Livonia, MI


The VIP Experience You DON’T want to miss:

1. Exclusive eye wear sure to TURN HEADS !

2. PAMPERING to make you beg for more- only 1 mimosa though!

3. Personal STYLIST – hot tips from the experts!

4. NYC, Paris & Rome fashion …years ahead of the Midwest!

5. Travel Ready SWAG BAGS

Our pilots and flight attendants are eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Are YOU Ready for VIP Treatment?

Treat yourself to high fashion, exclusive eye wear while enjoying a luxurious flight! Click for details

Need your yearly eye exam? NO problem.Our experience pilots can conduct your complete eye exam mid-flight!

Need some girls’ time? NO problem.Grab your gals and head our way! We’ll help you make great memories!

Need a great Mother’s Day Gift? NO problem.We’ve got you covered! We’ll help make it a memorable year!


Few seats remain so don’t delay…schedule TODAY!

Low Vision Patient able to read her newspaper again

Low Vision Patient able to see clear at a distance again with E-Scoops

Low Vision Patient able to see from a distance again

Low Vision Patient able to read for the first time in a long time

Low Vision Video Testimonial

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