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Congratulations Grace!

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Congratulations Grace!

Congratulations Grace

Grace graduated our vision therapy program today! Both Grace and her mom have been such a pleasure to work with weekly throughout Grace’s therapy program. They were dedicated, worked hard on the home activities as prescribed, and there have been wonderful improvements! Grace came to us with debilitating headaches, motion sickness, anxiety regarding school and homework was taking 5 hours to complete with help. Now Grace is feeling much better, no more headaches, she has all A’s and B’s, and she is easily completing homework by herself in around 30 minutes! On her post VT evaluation Grace scored far above average on all of the perceptual testing that was quite tricky for her before VT.

Here is her mom’s testimonial: ” The VT program has been such a blessing for grace. It has released so much anxiety and worry for her in regards to her schoolwork. She is very capable of completing her schoolwork now without any additional help. She feels very confident in herself and it has reflected itself in her grades. Before VT Grace’s life was exhausting. School was extremely challenging and created so much anxiety for her. School was not a place she wanted to be because she couldn’t be successful, even though she knew she was smart. We all knew she was smart! After a year of VT a whole new world was opened up for Grace. The more therapy she did, the easier and more enjoyable school became. Her true potential was able to shine and schoolwork became easy. The anxiety was gone and a more relaxed and confident child emerged. She has maintained the honor role at school this past year and continues to show progress in all areas of academics!”

Congratulations Grace, we are so proud of you!
Contributed by Amanda Timbre, COVT