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Don’t Let Ocular Albinism Stop You

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His world was shattered when his twin brother told him he decided to get married and would leave the house. The two had been living together all their lives and he could not imagine being left on his own.

Both had the same eye condition, Ocular Albinism, which left them with partial vision. Because his vision was more severely impaired than that of his brother, he relied on his brother for driving and other daily activities.

An Idea That Would Change His Life

The engaged twin brother was concerned about leaving his brother on his own and came up with the idea to consult Dr. Jacobi. He hoped that a low vision optometrist would restore confidence in his sibling and he might provide special devices that would enable him to be independent.

Who Is Dr. Jacobi?

In his practice, Dr. Jacobi treats people who are partially sighted, or as optometrists call it: have low vision. Young patients approach his practice after they have been diagnosed with Ocular Albinism, Stargardt’s disease or Retinitis Pigmentosa, all of which can cause low or partial vision.

Dr. Jacobi helps these young people cope with their condition by finding the appropriate low vision glasses that maximize their vision. The objective is to enable them to do things that are of significant importance in their lives.

His First Driver’s License

Many young patients are particularly concerned with driving. This was also true for the twin brothers. Dr. Jacobi fitted the brother who had less sight with a pair of bioptic telescope glasses that would change his life.

At the age of 44, he was able to receive his driver’s license for the first time. He lives on his own without relying on the help of his brother or another person for daily tasks. Thanks to the glasses provided by Dr. Jacobi he lives a happier life today.